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We provide services across the whole project lifecycle, from Management Consulting to Engineering, Project Management to Operations, with expertise in Environmental Consulting.

Supporting industrial and public sector decisions at every point in the water cycle to help clients balance economic, social and environmental needs. 

Moving people and goods, connecting communities and advancing global commerce through efficient and effective systems and facilities.. 

Providing comprehensive solutions across the energy value chain to develop and deliver the world’s energy resources. 

Making the impossible possible – whether it be a key design problem, deadlines or regulatory constraints – to deliver advanced facilities and technologies that transform societies.. 

Facilitating with site selection, impact assessments, licensing and permitting, compliance assurance, safety, and asset retirement obligations for renewable and non-renewable energy assets. 

Stage One

Preparation and submission of the Tender in relation to Technical and Financial implications

Stage Two

Design and drawing work allocated in the Statement of Work

Stage Three

Source specified components and equipment for the said project.

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